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August 31, 2010

Tom Makes a video for “Little Room Of Mine”

Little Room Of Mine (Video)

Shot by Tom Freund
Edited by Grant Myers

I wanted to do a video from the new EP “Fit To Screen” – so I chose this song first cause I felt It had a mystical connection to it, and I was in Joshua Tree playing a gig and there was an extraodinary  moon out. Then I had the next day to goof off, so I started shooting with this little shotgun HD camera I bought in Japan last year. The house I was staying at felt like it was on the moon with trippy structures and bathtubs in the sand and glass artifacts sticking out of the ground. (Also, notice my dog Emmylou’s cameo, she is from J Tree and knew the terrain very well).  I contined the shoot in N Ca before a show near The Golden Gate Bridge and I added a little footage from my NYC trip the following week. I origionally wrote the song for a project that the Getty was doing and they asked me to contribute a song to go with the Renaissance artist Zuccaro’s drawings. I performed it at the Getty event with a few other LA songwriters on a really cool evening. TWas an honor. And so enjoy,  t

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