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April 24, 2010

The Voice Project

There’s a really cool movement going on internet wise, it’s music and healing and it’s spreading like wildfire. It all started when the woman’s choral groups of Northern Uganda started singing songs to bring the male soldiers home from a terrible civil war that’s been going on for a long long time. Someone heard this calling and made it their mission as well to bring the soldiers home and aid these women. They started something called the The Voice Project:

The Voice Project people had the choral group perform a Joe Purdy tune in the hope that Joe and then other artists would keep this song torch passing idea going round and round to the US and other countries and their story could be heard and some help could be on it’s way. Light a match for peace!

They asked me to do a song, and I thought about a dear friend of mine Brett Dennen and one of his songs “So Much More” that has meant so much to me over the last couple of years, a real “old soul” type of song from someone 10 years my junior – little (big) punk! Here it is.

Then Brett really dug the concept and he went and did a Citizen Cope song and so on and so on . . . There’s a slew of cool songs on there from Priscilla Ahn to Joseph Arthur to Soko and Andrew Bird, go on check it out and see how some of these viral get-together’s can mean so much for these folks oceans away . . . peace and thanks for listening, t

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