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November 27, 2013

I am Thankful for your Pledging for my Latest Album!

ce9be9b452d311e38bd70e4966540286_8Happy Thanksgiving, my peoples, you are the best, I am writing on the eve Thanksgiving and we are already at 53% of my goal to make this music come to life. A couple weeks ago I launched of a PledgeMusic campaign to help get my new batch of songs out to you in the shape of an album. I have not had a record label since my first record came out in 1998, but I continue on cause I love what I do. I go the indie route cause of you, my friends and fans who choose to support my music through shows and CD’s and downloads (and sometimes even viny)!! SO I made a little video and I put up some items available at this here link:

to show you what I am up to. Making records is Fun and A LOTTA Work and can cost some $$ to make, even on the “bro deal” – if ya know what I mean. So if yer feeling inclined, grab some items on the list, some of them are physical and some of them are interactive. Take the Plunge and Pledge me that Love and I will return it with a kick-ass CD. You mean the world to me, and whenever I’m writing I’m thinking of you, the folks who are listening. SO Thank You, Merci Danke, Tak, Grazie and Gracias!!! Click this link and see for yourselves and hear the start of the updates and insider videos, photos and songs I will be posting for you, as the album rolls along. Should be Good Fun! And Remember, to quote a new song of mine: “You make it possible to do the things I do.” Peace and Blessings, T

Here too is a cool article from No Depression about a show and a shout out to the Pledge Music Campaign

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