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February 18, 2016

Folk Alliance and #tbt Video With Jason Mraz

Tom Freund with Jason Mraz Twiggs ’06

Turn Back Tuesday to 2006 with Jason Mraz sitting in on voice and bongos! Off to Folk Alliance International tomorrow am – check Events for details #‎collapsibleplans #‎tbt vid by Tyler Huff

Tom Freund at Folk Alliance International.

Ok my peops I have arrived at #‎folkalliance – Kansas City!!

Official FAI Showcase tonight Feb 17th at 10:30 in the Brookside Ballroom -Westin . . Then the rooms:

Momentary Love Mgmt. -Wed at 1:00am – Rm 601
Cantina Navarro – Wed at 1:50am – Rm 540
Free Range Records -Thurs at 11p – Rm 604
House Of Songs – Thurs at 12am – Rm 641
High Sierra Sessions – Thurs at 1am – Rm 745
House Of Songs – Friday at 12:30am – Rm 641

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