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March 16, 2010

Exurb Review of Stronghold release party

Debbie Does Music?! Here is an excerpt of  Exurb Magazine’s review of the performance.

Tuesday nights are really not my ideal going out night, but Tuesday’s with Tom Freund at The Stronghold in Venice is tempting enough to get me out. Especially when it’s his new EP release party. Opening acts for Tom included Shane Alexander and Chris Joyner, two amazing singer/songwriters in their own right. But I was there for Tom, my favorite male vocalist, a guy I’ve been following for a couple years now, and who hit the jackpot with his new release, FIT TO SCREEN. Independent singer/songwriters are hard to find, if you are looking at the big box stores. But they are everywhere, when you look local, and you have the patience to find a gem. Tom is one of these treasures. His soulful voice, amazing talent, and group of friends he rocks with makes you feel good. The venue was awesome. The Stronghold, by day sells jeans on Abbot Kinney in Venice, by night, the upstairs loft turns into a listening room for great local performers.

To read the rest – go here.

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