February 19, 2018

Two Moons Vinyl


Two Moons Vinyl $20 

First edition pressing with altered track listing

Side A:

  1. Angel Eyes
  2. Heavy Balloon
  3. Lemme Be Who I Wanna Be
  4. Grooves Out of My Heart
  5. Happy Days Lunch Box

Side B:

  1. Next Time Around
  2. Weekend Guy
  3. Me and Bernice
  4. Mind Of Your Own
  5. Same Old Shit Different Day
  6. Sugar Pie

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January 7, 2017

East of Lincoln – Double Vinyl

East of Lincoln – Double Vinyl $30

Double Vinyl (Mastered by Bakery Mastering with audiophile precision)
featuring 2 unreleased tracks and duet with Ben Harper on “Let My Love Open The Door”
First 50 ordered signed by Tom – upon request!

Side One
1. Angelus
2. Freezer Burn
3. Runaround

Side Two
1. East Of Lincoln
2. Abandoning The Ship
3. Homer Simpson’s Clouds (Day Of The Locust)
4. London Bound Lady

Side Three 
1. Brokedown Jubilee
2. Hair Of The Dog
3. Poached Eggs
4. Dream On (Believe In Yourself)

Side Four 
1. Let My Love Open The Door*(feat. Ben Harper)
2. Chelsea Street*
3. Show On The Road*

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