January 12, 2021

Freezer Burn 2020

No time like the present to present “Freezer Burn” – the video. Feel the burn 🔥 baby 🥶 Hopefully this video shot by the amazing Wally Pfister and starring Loan Chabanol & myself will be a nice escape into the armageddon stratosphere from all the election tension and release‼️ Premiered here by the awesome 😎 American Songwriter: read the story behind it and watch it now 🙏 #freezerburn #adiostrump

straight to the video: on You Tube/ Truly Mellow Channel
Tom Freund – Freezer Burn (Official)

Ok That’s all for now, here’s some notes I posted on Saturday, Take Good Care, Tom
NY is swingin’! The ties that Biden / Harris!! Bring on the new frontier for the US of A! A chance for empathy, compassion, fairness and maybe even some music to return to the White House! 🤷‍♀️ 🤷‍♂️ 🇺🇸 🎶 💪 A collective spirit is in the air in New York today I can see a lot of smiles under the masks if you know what I mean 😷 #jazz

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August 27, 2020

Homer Simpson’s Clouds Video and Bday Live Stream

 Hi all, hope you are well wherever you are. Super excited to share the video for “Homer Simpson’s Clouds (Day Of The Locust)” premiered here by Glide Magazine

Video On Youtube:

Video produced by Surfer Jack productions, Venice, CA. Directed by Swampy Marsh, animation by Bernie Petterson, edited by Lauren Crist. Additional animation by Michelle Hiraishi, Dota Sota and Patricia Pham. 
Copyright © 2020 Tom Freund Music, All rights reserved. 
Thanks for joining 

Our mailing address is: 
Tom Freund Music PO Box 1591 Venice, CA  90294-1591

***I’m playing a very special virtual concert at the Ojai Underground Exchange, with my bud Wally Ingram, this Friday August 28th @7pm PST. They run a classy looking and sounding stream, at a club I’ve played twice before with people in the audience…remember that?! Now from the comfort of your living room. 
The show also happens to fall on my birthday so there will be CAKE: come share it with me.
Event on FB

PS. As many of you have been tuning into my Fridays With Freund, I will return, beginning with the above concert/live stream and then some regular broadcast shows, please stay tuned, it fills my heart doing it and feeling y’all out there.

PPS. The Freund store is always open, hit me up at www.tomfreund.com for any merch goodies!

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March 13, 2020

“Show On The Road” single and LIFE

Hello fellow humans, here we are at an interesting brink of our civilization in so many ways. A bit of a sink or swim moment if you will.
Well, I choose swim = LOVE. Thanks for staying attuned to my tunes my beautiful friends!
Difficult times for touring musicians as we (or the venues) decide what shows and travel to keep and which ones to cancel.
In the midst of it all however, The Show Must Go On and so here is my latest single “Show On The Road” – some of you have heard it already when you bought my double vinyl “East Of Lincoln” release. But for the more digital fairing folks, please buy a track, stream it, put it on a playlist & share it with your friends, it all helps! https://ffm.to/show_on_the_road

A Post Valentines day – through trials and tribulations – love song! Hope the ones you love can hear you now, as you too, call out to them ❤️ 🎶And I hope to offer some musical solace in these very challenging times my friends. Thanks for listening 🙏 #newmusicfriday 

Mixed and recorded by Steve McCormick, Ben Peeler on lap steel, Gabe Noel on 8 string bass, Wally Ingram on drums & mastered at Bakery Mastering 

*Now for gigs happening in the near future Please Stand By:

April 2nd San Antonio, TX
Richter Goods/Broadway News presents
April 4 – Utopia, TX
Sweet Party Utopia TX
April 5th  – Austin, Tx
Cosmic Cafe
April 19th – Petaluma, CA
Mystic Theatre
w/ Shawn Amos & The Brotherhood
May 2 Redondo Beach, CA
BeachLife Festival w/Counting Crows, Steve Miller Band, Ben Harper, Lukas Nelson . .to name a few

*as always the Music Store at TomFreund.com is always open

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September 11, 2019

1st Place Unsigned Only, McCabes & Ojai Fest

Happy Belated Tumbleweed Tuesday!! What a summer! Got to travel Europe and the East Coast for music and family, all for the love of tunes! Speaking of which I was Pretty Stoked to be chosen 1st place for my song “Freezer Burn” by a set of Judges that included Aimee Mann, Taj Mahal, Garth Hudson and Robert Smith (The Cure)! 🙏 Unsigned Only Winner – Listen to it on your favorite channel or buy/download it 😉 Freezer Burn (single) Video coming soon too! #freezerburn #singersongwriter #folk #rock #unsignedartist

Friday September 20th
McCabes Guitar Shop
Santa Monica CA w/ LoveMeInTheDark
McCabes Tickets
FB Event


Saturday September 21st
Topa Mountain Music Fest
Libbey Bowl OJAI w/ Brett Dennen, Mother Hips and More!

Follow Tom On

Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/tomfreund/, FBhttps://www.facebook.com/TomFreundMusic/ and Twitterhttps://twitter.com/tomfreund

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February 15, 2019

Happy Vinyltines Day! New EOL On Vinyl & Vid

Happy Vinyltines Day: “East Of Lincoln” double album has arrived! Check out the 3 bonus tracks on Side 4: 2 songs you haven’t heard and Let My Love Open The Door feat. Ben Harper‼️ You can order it here EOL Vinyl and I’ll be playing the 1st show for it in LA on Feb 26th (see below) and more to follow.

Also here is a video to enjoy for Valentines  

I found an old cell phone – the nice and easy cheap kind that i miss – pre iphones and androidzzz. I loved the out of focus “older” effect of these shots of my favorite subject on earth, my daughter. I wrote this song soon after she was born. Recorded it in ’05 thereabouts at Stanley Recording with John Wood and his daughter Amy in Venice, CA. Please forgive my over indulgence with my girl but what better way to document this time for me…haha  Love, T  Baby D on Apple Music  #tbt

Tuesday February 26th – East Of Lincoln Vinyl release show
Harvelle’s Nightclub Santa Monica
1432 4th St, Santa Monica, California 90401

**Europe in May: Switzerland and UK Dates Coming soon!
    (Stay Tuned on Instagram, FB and Twitter below)

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