September 25, 2022

“The Year I Spent In Space” is out today! On Surf Road Records

Listen To Album here: 

Listen to my new album ‘The Year I Spent In Space,’ out everywhere today. It’s an album of hope…and when this pandemic is over “I will rejoice with a hug to everyone I said that I love. And we’ll go dancing on the streets until the sun comes up…”

Album produced by Sejo Navajas and myself
Thanks to the incredible cast of musicians and everyone involved!
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*photo by Natalie Ford

*CD’s and vinyl are in the process of being made so stay tuned!

New Focus Track  “Harmony of Two” (feat. Brett Dennen) came to me in the year I spent in space, during the ‘pandemania’ as I call it. I was house-sitting my friend’s place in Lake Arrowhead. I started making this guitar riff and then singing along to it, and I couldn’t stop. Future lovers came to mind. It’s also a ‘note to self’ song, as in hang in there Tom, we’ll get to that place where you’ll find your peace of mind…“There’s no need to go solo” continues Freund. “With a song of this nature and title I knew I needed a second voice, so I thought to myself – who has one of my favorite voices of all time? So I called my buddy Brett 

Tom and Brett in the studio (4th ST Recording)

And thanks for checking out the video of the title track, that came out last week, I’ve received so many great comments,
Big Cheers, Tom

“The Year I Spent in Space” VIDEO 

The video was profound to create. Inspired by the pandemic year we were forced to spend alone … together.  

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June 13, 2022

“The Year I Spent In Space” title track out now!

Hello sweet readers, here is the 3rd single from my forthcoming album – title track called “The Year I Spent In Space” out today!
This song means a lot to me. It came to me in the thick of it all, these last couple years of Pandemania, as I call it. I hope you can check it out and share it with those you think would get it.
The album is being finalized and a release date will be set soon. Stay tuned and as always…thanks for listening!

Song link to all platforms
The Year I Spent In Space

*art by Miranda Parkin

“The Year I Spent In Space” – title track of forthcoming album. A song that speaks to what we all went through during the pandemic. Tom has been in his living room alone for months and months on end. It had the appearance and feeling of being in space. Especially with the screens zapping on and off and the zoom technology, and seeing people he loved…and didn’t love… from far away stations. 

“The screens were on but I was alone…”
Alone in outer space – in my living room. Glad there was a piano with me!

But it is also a song with hope, Freund says “And when it’s over I will rejoice with a hug to everyone I said that I loved, and we’ll go dancing on the streets until the sun come up…”
 “Every year the mounting landfill of new releases that threatens to bury the working music journalists yields a few unexpected gems, and Tom Freund is one of them” – NEW YORK TIMES“Freund clearly delights in enigma. His vocals could go from laconic to impassioned without such obvious trickery as cranking up the volume. His lyrics are full of curve balls” – WASHINGTON POST 

*The track was recorded at 4th St Recording,Santa Monica, CA. Tom on vocals and plays piano and all the guitars. Co – produced by Sejo Navajas (Vintage Trouble, Weezer) and Tom. Wally Ingram – drums (Sheryl Crow, Timbuk 3), Chris Joyner – keyboards (Jason Mraz, Natalie Merchant) and Oliver Kraus – strings (Sia, Beth Orton)

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March 21, 2022

“Rebound,” the new single from my forthcoming album, “The Year I Spent In Space,” is out today! Please visit it on your favorite music service. Also check out this premiere from Americana Highways. And tune in this am to my favorite SoCal radio station 88.5. Some upcoming shows listed as well. (all details below)
Big Hugs, T

Rebound on all streaming platforms

See the premier in Americana Highwaysmagazine

Honored to be played on Real Radio!!! Nic Harcourt is spinning “Rebound” as today’s “Fresh Squeezed Track of the day” at 8:15 &10:15 on 
88.5 FM Radio Morning Show with Jet

Upcoming Concerts in SHOWS section, here’s a couple:

***Some upcoming shows – more TBA soon

Sat Mar19 2022 Tom Freund
The Conference Room Playa Vista, CA
 – outdoor full band ASG Presents

Sat Apr23 2022 Tom Freund
The Folk Music Center, Claremont, CA, US
 – w/ a few special friends

TUE Jul20 2022 open for Ben Harper & the Innoncent Criminals
Z7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln, Switzerland

Come visit the new #TrulyMellow store at

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January 18, 2022

He Was A Friend Of Mine – Happy Holidays

I hope this finds you well and sweet and your life complete. These are not easy times, but we shall count our blessings. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. As I hinted in my last email: NEW SINGLE ALERT with my all time chum Ben Harper! Also below, a stellar review for “Disneys America” released on Dec 10th. This one-two musical punch has brought me some good excitement for the holidays. Best to you and yours, Tom

“He Was A Friend Of Mine” – Tom Freund and Ben Harper

Proud to say that I recorded, mixed and produced this track from my studio…

December 17, 2021, Mad Bunny Records is proud to announce the release of “He Was A Friend of Mine”, a fresh take on a traditional folk song created by longtime friends and fellow musicians Tom Freund and Ben Harper. The earliest known version of the song is titled “Shorty George,” and it was first collected by ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax in 1939, describing it as a “blues” that was “a dirge for a dead comrade”…
Freund and Harper’s arrangement, and the musical interplay of their voices, as well as Tom’s guitar and Ben’s unmistakable lap-steel slide, give this traditional tale new warmth and sentiment. Lush and masterful, it is enhanced by the long and endearing real friendship between the two who met 30 years ago and have collaborated many times over the years.
It was recorded at Freund’s Venice beach studio and is being released digitally on Harper’s own Mad Bunny Records.

And From Ben’s Post:

In 2022 it will be 30 years since Tom and I released our duo album “Pleasure and Pain.” We have continued to collaborate consistently off and on since then, both recording and touring together. I’ve known Tom longer now than I haven’t known him, and that’s long. To have a friend to walk through the world with is rare and something I hold most dear. Something I cherish more each passing day.
Hey Tom, let’s do another 30.
#duet #tomfreund #folk #americana #acoustic #slideguitar #fric

“Disney’s America” News:

This is the first single from the album ‘The Year I Spent In Space,” coming out in Feb/March of the 2022!! Here is the Premier from Glide Magazine:

Also read here from Americana UK

And listen away on all channels here

Tonight is the final Holdstrong Thursday of 2021. It’s gonna be a hoot and a holler! We had so much fun doing this this residency at The Venice West with so many friends and guests & gr8 people in the crowd. #Holdstrong Thursdays #VeniceVibes Tix:

And to all a goodnight, Hugs, Tom

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December 13, 2021

Holiday Releases: Disney’s America…Plus!

It’s that time of year again and I’m feelin’ pleased to tell you about some cool stuff coming out and gigs happnin’ before the year is up! Tonight at midnight, Friday, my cover of Graham Parker song “Disney’s America” is released; and available now for Pre-save (which really helps us artists make a bigger splash on the day it comes out). Here is the link:

GP and I jammin and hangin’  #hero #grahamparker #disneysamerica out Dec 10th on all platforms. Scene

from “This Is 40″ w/ them:

***AND Here is a hint who I will also be putting out a single with VERY SOON, still in 2021! seen below graciously promoting some of my new merch. My buddy Ben Harper is indeed #TrulyMellow

***2nd special Christmas Surprise, a duet of friends, on his own Mad Bunny Records, so STAY TUNED!

And yes the #HoldStrong Thursday gigs at The Venice West are still going strong, 3 more before ’22

We have had such a blast playing every week with fantastic band and guests in the old hood.

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